IYO, Which MCU Character do you think is the funniest and why?

MCU Characters who has sense of humor 1. Iron Man 2. Star-Lord 3. Korg 4. Drax 5. Ant-Man (Scott Lang) 6. Thor 7. Rocket Racoon 8. The Grandmaster 9. Shuri 10. Spider-Man


Drax. I mean...that character can't be a lead, but as a supporting comic relief he's absolutely brilliant. Rocket is a close second. You think Thor and Grandmaster are funny? Really? Ragnarok was funny, and they turned Thor into Spider-man with the quips and all, but even WITH that, he's not THAT funny. And Grandmaster...I mean, if you REALLY dig Jeff Goldblum, I get it...because Jeff Goldblum plays EXACTLY one character, and that's Jeff Goldblum. But I don't really find Jeff Goldblum to be that funny. And given that he only has the one bit of schtick, that's kind of sad.


Star-Lord. Chris Pratt is hilarious as Star-Lord.


Iron Man. It's mainly because of Robert Downey Jr.'s charm. He adds a charisma to the character that no other actor could possibly match.