The battle of light vs. darkness?



It would have been good if you could actually have turned the subject into a question. However, you have not even given us a sentence, let alone a question, so I can only offer this 'answer' - It is a spiritual battle where the light of God defeats the powers of darkness. Jesus warned of this when He said to us to beware lest the light within us is darkness. If so, then how great that darkness will be! Only the light of God in Christ can conquer the spiritual darkness that grips most of humanity. I will move this out of 'Comics' back to where you initially posted it.


Good aka light always wins

Indigo Shojo

Actually, the Bible has been put into comic book form for decades. In fact, I own a vintage one from the 1940's. I guess that the publishers believe that the comic form makes the stories more kid-friendly. Do a search for Bible comic books and see for yourself. However, the actual Bible was written back in ancient times long before comics were invented. The battle of light and darkness represents the eternal battle between good and evil.


for your information The bible is not a Comics or Animation book. It doesn't matter what JW or Atheists say I know JW cant read scripture or understand scripture.