Which gotham City is best in live action media?

Tim Burton's Gotham (Batman and Batman returns) Joel Shuelmocker's Gotham (Batman Forever and Batman Robin) Christopher Nolon's Gotham (Dark Knight Trilogy or Gotham on the TV show Gotham this is based on how it looks and operates.


tim burton had the best

Rebel With A Cause

Honestly, I like the Gotham City from the Schumacher films. It was very grandiose, with the neon lights and the Greek style statues seen throughout the city. It certainly fits with the unusual heroes and villains that thrive in the city.


All of them, except for Snyder's. Batman and Robin was super cheesy, but I think everyone knows that. I didn't hate Batman Forever though. I love the first two Chris Nolan films... he made Gotham seem very true to life. But I also like Tim Burton's films... which have a classic fantasy 40's noir feel. I don't like the noir feel of Snyder though. Snyder's films just feel very soulless to me.