Aquarius , Aries , Taurus and Cancer as siblings ?

would they get along lol ?


Yes, those siblings would get along especially well.


as a taurus i get along with all of those signs so i think having them as siblings would b hella cool


Do up the individual birthcharts for all 3 and then look for all of the "synastry aspects" between ANY of their 10 planets. No serious astrologer uses signs to determine how people get along. And no serious astrologer uses Sun sign astrology ,.. which is just a way for writers to make money writing for a public that doesn't know better about astrology. When you talk about someone as if they are a sign, that is ONLY their Sun sign. The truth is that everyone has all 12 zodiac signs in their unique birthchart, but some of these signs will be stronger than others - depending on that chart - and the Sun sign is not necessarily the strongest of the astrological influences on an individual.