Are we effected by the universe at all?

Do you believe in horoscopes ? Do you believe that the moon effects the human body, mind & soul?


Astrology is magic not nature and no statistics exist for magic. Did you have an education? Was astrology part of it? Are you science literate? Then astrology should be able to show it works and how it works. Without the required religious like belief. Like the notion that everyone is a programmed robot? What is your threshold for belief? There is a saying: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs". Is astrology extraordinary? Everyone has the right to demand strong evidence before committing to belief. Astrology doesn’t have it. It’s fortune telling and the stereotyping makes it a first cousin to racism.


nope, it's all junk ............................................................................


There is no we, only me, when it comes to taking full responsibility for my actions, feelings and reactions. Clearly, it is other humans who make up these mythical stories, who make laws to govern and control the masses. Earth has it’s own atmosphere and humans evolved and adapted due to it’s many stages of evolution but humans cannot live and thrive as a species on other planets or we would have evolved there. Science and technology advances can prove a correlation with all things over time because it is all Creation and comes from the same source. Humans are suppose to be intelligent entities but how smart are humans when they are like perpetual children still believing in fairytales? Of course the Universe has an effect on Humans. It is the home of our galaxy located in the boondocks of the solar system. It is like a relationship, not ownership. But, if one believes the planets rule signs and signs rule people, then someone is looking to be led down the yellow brick road.


Astrology is fake. Only idiots believe in it.


It seems to have "effected" you alright.

Jimmy C

The moon affects us definitely. The pull of the moon is powerful enough to pull the ceans, causing tides to go up and down, so it affects us too. Police and hospitals are always busier when there is a full moon because more people go crazy.


Of course


The moon rules cancer the crab. It also rules the sea and emotions. It's the mother/father nurturer. Loving and caring. Empathetic to feelings. Ever changing but always constant.