If ♌ rules love and ♏ rules sex then what other sign rules in astrology ?



Leo doesn't rule love . Leo is a sign that puts a priority on adventure and on either giving with warmth OR on showing themselves off. Scorpio doesn't rule sex. Scorpio is a sign of intensity. Whatever they do, they do with intensity, but Scorpio strong in a chart can be someone who is intensely celibate OR someone who is intense about sex. Since whatever they do, it will be intense. Assuming that Scorpio is stronger in that person's chart than JUST being their Sun sign. My husband had Sun in Scorpio, but ONLY Sun. He had 3 planets in Sagittarius and 3 in Libra, and was just-barely like a Scorpio. And everyone has ALL 12 zodiac signs in their unique personal astrological birthchart. YOU are all 12 signs too. It is just that whatever signs had ANY of the 10 "planets" moving through them at the MOMENT you were born ... those signs will be stronger. What the uneducated public calls their "zodiac sign" is ONLY the sign their Sun was in when they were born. It is only 2% of all of the astrological influences on them, as shown in their unique birthchart. Sun's position is easy to find, so it is easy to scam the public and make money by writing about Sun signs. But Sun sign astrology isn't really astrology.


Aries rules self (it signifies what someone is) Taurus rules money, material gains, possessions Gemini rules communication (all the devices for communication) Cancer rules your home amd family (roots, etc) Leo rules entertainment, pleasure Virgo rules health, hygiene, pets, jobs Libra rules partnerships and relationships (oppposite Aries who thinks only about self) Scorpio rules sex, other people's money(inheritance opposite Taurus own wealth), death, rebirth Sagittarius rules knowledge, higher learning, and travelling Capricorn rules career Aquarius rules friends, groups Pisces rules subconscious mid, dreams, intuition, instinct, secret


♋️ Rules 🐙


cancer is the one that rules love/chest lmao leo rules the spine which is their pride.


Libra and Taurus rule love not leo They are both ruled by venus


The "horoscope signs are meaningless" sign: :|


♌ rules work, arrogance, superiority complex, EGO ♋ Rules LOVE! This is the zodiac Dove 🕊️ ♌This is the zodiac 💩