My fellow Taurus people, what do you do for a living?

What do you do for a living? Is it your career or just a stepping stone? Do you like what you do? What is your dream job. From a Taurus trying to figure out what to do with my life!


Taurus people aren’t all the same they are all individuals..


School , Go on Instagram , Watch YouTube and listen to music.


doing what we love with who we love


You have a 2 digit IQ


This Taurus lady I know is a housekeeping supervisor in a 4 star hotel. She really loves her job! 💚✨


You joined up almost ten years ago and apparently are science illiterate. Aren’t you too old to still accept magic and superstition?


Not much. Cashier at a dollar store


As a Taurus I dont really your zodiac means anything it's just a zodiac but I'm currently 18 in my freshman yr of college


Your "sign" is ONLY the sign Sun was moving through. We astrologers do not call it your sign nor your zodiac sign. We specify it from all the OTHER signs in YOUR chart .. we call it what it is: the SUN sign. If you want astrologically valid information, what you NEED to do is to do up YOUR personal birthchart, using the full birthdate, the precise time of birth and the birth location. And find out what sign was moving across the Midheaven at the time/date/place of YOUR birth. It is the Midheaven that indicates how we try to fit into the world ... which is usually through our career. The Midheaven (Medium coeli, or MC) is the starting-point for our 10th House, which represents career aptitude. The sign on the MC indicates the type of behaviors that you bring to your career. The planet which rules that sign will indicate which inner need you try to fulfill through your career endeavours. And the house indicates what are of life you work this through. Any planets IN the 10th house also affect your career needs. Unless YOU have your Sun IN your 10th house, OR have Leo on your MC, Sun has nothing to do with YOUR career needs. And while it sounds logical to find out what other Sun-in-Taurus people do for a living, in actuality, this is useless for you. What you NEED to do is to see what other people with the SAME Midheaven are doing for a living. For instance. My sister has her Sun in Pisces ... but she has Cancer on her Midheaven. Ruler is Moon, which is in Gemini (communciation) in the 9th house (are of social institutions, including higher education). She is an English professor at a university. My other sister has Leo on her MC, Sun is ruler. Sun is in Gemini (yes, signs tend to run in families) and Sun is in her 8th house (life, death, birth,etc) She is a prenatal class instructor, and works as a doula (coaches women through labor and delivery).


Listen taurus are hella successful. If they make up their minds on some sh*t they DO it. It can take them months, years ..decades And of course if there is support and encouragement from who they love. My fiancee is a taurus he is only 23. He works as a supervisor in a company and has other jobs.