Scorpio crying over Virgo?

Hi I m a Scorpio woman and I recently met a Virgo man. We hung out on Saturday and Sunday. We made plans to hangout this last Tuesday but he cancelled. I replied saying if he s really cancelling then I don t want to be his friend anymore. A few minutes later I wanted to take back what I said and sent 5 messages back to him with a detailed apology. So it s been two days since I messed up with that message and he isn t replying. I really like him and if it helps, the messages said he read them, and that he viewed my Snapchat story today. I told him I felt really bad and begged for forgiveness in the messages I sent. Based on his astrology sign do you think he needs time to forgive me or does he not see me as a suitable friend anymore? I really like him and he liked me too, and in person he was really nice and complimented me a lot. I ve been crying non-stop and I hope you have some advice or your opinion on what he s thinking.


You have a low IQ and horoscopes are not real


He’s probably thinking like what? What did she do wrong? Why is she apologizing for? But I have to admit, that was very immature to stop being someone’s friend because he had to cancel a plan. The harder it is to catch you, the more he’ll want to be with you. Learn to walk away if he continue to ignore you. Virgo likes a strong woman.. women who mean what they say and say what they mean. If you tell him it’s over, let it be over for real. If he keeps ignoring you, learn to walk away and don’t look back. If he sense that you like him more than he likes you, you’ll most likely be the only one suffering. I think he could be sitting back, stalking and observing you right now. I could be wrong but that’s what my ex Virgo did to me. He was so obsessed and crazy for me. He tried to ruin my life after it was over but it didn’t work. He’s still on my *** and never really moved on. Virgo guys are whores. You don’t know their shady side. My 8th, Lilith, Juno, Nessus, Vertex all in Virgo.


I don't think he'd be bothered, but I don't know about the zodiac sign thing, just based on what you said.


Don’t send any more messages unless he replies next. I can’t get why you are crying though even if he moved on.


Why would you cry? Didn't you just meet


Girl I think you scared him off. You really overreacted when he cancelled. You should've been cool and relaxed about it and be like "no biggie". And then the whole over-apologizing really was the icing on top of the cake. Pretty sure you scared him off but scorpios are intense. You should go for a scorpio or a more intense sign.


Poor girl, I am a Virgo, I hate commitments. Relationships choke me , I don't feel free.


you don't know him. you only met him for two days, get over him


I mean shut the f*ck up already it has nothing to do with astrology. 1. He’s ignoring you 2. He’s busy 3. He’s not interested 4. He’s just playing around 5. He needs space Those are just the possible facts that I have


You were hurt. And so you did something extreme and drastic. You pushed him away ("don't want to be your friend"). Then you panicked over it and sent FIVE messages apologizing, which made you look needy, clingy and pathetic. Of course he isn't replying. Who wants to get involved with someone who falls too hard/too fast when they haven't even gotten to KNOW the person .... who cannot cope with their emotions and lashes out when hurt .... who gets desperate and is needy. As for his astrology sign, that is ONLY the sign his SUN is in. Sun indicates only how he seeks self-esteem. It is not his Moon sign, which is his emotional nature. It is not his Venus sign which is his relationship needs. It is not any of the OTHER planets in his birthchart If you are crying non-stop over someone you don't even KNOW yet (it takes 1-2 years of steady dating to start to know someone), then go talk to a therapist. PLEASE. Your fell hard because he complimented you a lot, and that got you because you don't like yourself.


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