Was I closer to being born on January 2 or 4?

I was born on January 3 1993 at 5 pm. Am I closer to being born on the 4th or 2nd of January?


You are 17 hours away from the 2nd and only 7 hours away from the 4th, so closer to the 4th.

Harley Vaughn Stump

4th. Duh


Closer to January 4th. But ON January 3rd. If you are asking because you have look at astrological positions for any given day .. understand that those positions on a list (not for an individual calculated birthchart) assume that the day starts at either midnight OR noon in Greenwich England (Greenwich Mean Time). For instance when it is 5pm in Paris, it is 6 pm in Greenwich. 5 pm in New York City is 10 pm in Greenwich, and 5 pm in Los Angeles CA is 1 am on the NEXT day in Greenwich. In astrology, time is always tied to place. The planets don't consult our earth clocks.


Why does it matter?

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4th. You are 17 hours away from the 2nd, which means 7 hours away from the 4th since there are nearly 24 hours in a sidereal day. ANS.