What are some facts about Sagittariuses?



As a Piscean Prince, they don't like our kind. Be weary.


Ya Sagittarians are outgoing, good sense of humour, easily attract people


foot in mouth 24/7, humourous, blunt, always happy


Astrology is magic not nature and no statistics exist. Hence there is nothing factual


Sagittarius is ONLY the sign Sun was moving through when they were born. Always in the same place on the same day-month, regardless of the year, time of birth, place of birth. EASY to find from a list, knowing only the month-day of birth, so EASY for scammers to make money off the public by writing about Sun signs. But NOT really astrology. You are missing 98% of the astrological influences when you use Sun sign astrology. Nonetheless. Sun is how we act to try to find an inner sense of wholeness. It does NOT represent our emotional nature (that is Moon) nor our relationship nature (that is Venus) nor our mind/communication (Mercury), nor any of the facets of our personality shown by the OTHER 6 planets. When SUN is in Sagittarius, the person engages in ANY of the possible Sagittarius traits as a way to try to feel good about themselves. At heart, Sagittarius is adventurous and explores (usually explores ideas rather than the world), is optimistic (OR careless) and tends to change their mind (it is a Mutable sign). This can result in hundreds of possible ways of acting out the Sagittarius style. MUCH depends on HOW their SUN aspects/interacts with their OTHER 9 inner needs/planets. Discordant distances/aspects indicate inner conflict and tension and they tend to act out the negative sides of Sagittarius. Positive/harmonious aspects indicate inner harmony involving self-respect needs, and tends to bring out the positive sides of Sagittarius. But the Sun sign indicates ONLY inner self-esteem needs. Nothing else.


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