What makes astrology real?



nothing, it is phony as a 3 dollar bill


the gullible humans


is it?

FN - 2187

When you find out? Please tell me


It exists. Unicorns are not real. The question is this: does it work?


That it fits what it says

Bill G

It's not real. It has no basis in science or reality at all.




Ask what makes astrology a bigotry and a fraud.


Fake news




If Astrology says for those born between May 1st thru the 31st , your sign is ‘the honeybee’ and bee people will always attack and sting you when you intrude in/on their lives. The honeybee person is active, social, loves nature , the outdoors and communal living. The Queen Bee is dominant, rare and most productive . Bees are flirty, superficial and go from pretty flower to pretty flower. They don’t get along well with reptile people or bird people. They generally marry Wasp people and have lots in common. Honeybees are mutable-air and amber trees are the ruler and lord of bees. Truth mixed with fiction makes a fairytale


just imagination


When you are working off the map of the heavens (the ecliptic, actually) drawn up for the MOMENT which THAT person was born, as seen from the location of their birthplace. You have 40-50 factors that interplay to create that unique personality. In real astrology, no two people are the same. And in fact, some of the factors end up being "statistically signifcant", which if you have any training in science you understand that means the results are likely NOT due to random chance. Psychology relies on statistical significance, since that is as close as you can get to proof when talking about people. The "zodiac sign" stuff isn't real astrology. It is just a way for unethical writers to make money off the public.


Unsupported science. If people were to say I was like my star sign they’d be very wrong. I bet people’s first guess on me would be Scorpio or Aquarius it’s sort of a religion. So really it’s just faith. You believe in something that there is many things that make it unreal. But it is your belief and it’s what you know in your heart just feels right and true.