Why don't Geminis have common sense?

Because they are narcissists who make decisions off of their emotions


Thats a white person problem not just geminis. Thats why they do stuff like jump off of cliffs for fun and accidentally die and die in the most retarded ways like get eaten by sharks. None were blessed with any


Gemini talk toooooo much. They are cold and lack sympathy. At least the few ones I know.


You answered it lol...but I think they get bored easily and tend to be immature.


If you know the answer why ask the question dumbo?


Gemini don’t reallt have emotions but I can say almost every gem I know is smelly and gross


sag is the one without common sense they are known to be oblivious. They view the world as positive and that everyone likes them. They usually don't notice when someone dislikes them and tend to think its not their fault. They view everyones intentions positive and think everyone is good in the inside.


Train wrecks




Actually Gemini’s are found out to be extremely intelligent so excuse you


You are the narcissist stfu.


You don't understand astrology. The "sign" is ONLY the Sun sign, and just 2% of the entire astrological influence on an individual. The style of Gemini is to be unemotional and objective. When someone has Sun in Gemini, they find inner wholeness by being logical. But say their Moon (emotional nature) is in an intense sign like Scorpio, and it interacts badly (a square aspect) with their Mars (action/assertion) ... this person, despite needing to be logical for a sense of wholeness, find it difficult to be that way because their emotional nature is intense and easily upset. Or perhaps their mind (Mercury) is in the emotional style of Cancer .. this person would make their decisions based on emotional, rather than logical, criteria. ALWAYS you have to do up the unique birthchart for an individual and examine ALL of the 40-50 factors. Not just the Sun . .which is easy to find, and therefore easy to scam people by writing about it to make money. Sun sign astrology is not real astrology


They aren't.


Perhaps those who believe that Geminis have no common sense are the ones with no common sense. Me: not a Gemini