Why scorpio and capricorn girls always crave for fire males especially for aries and leo male ?



They do?




No, they don't always. Fake astrology says the signs matter for attraction. REAL astrology doesn't USE the signs to determine the attraction. They do up the individual birthcharts for both people and then look for connections between the planets ... "synastry aspects" which are NOT dependent on what sign these planets are in.


Astrology is magic not nature and no statistics exist for magic. So unless you want me to make something up, asking a why question here is pointless. If you’re science illiterate and really need the fantasy, deal with a professional. Nobody pays astrologers to be wrong.


About Capricorn I don't know... But About Scorpio the only I can say to you is: Scorpio is the fall of 🌙 detriment of♀️ and ruled by Mars which explains that Scorpio woman are tomboyish and manly 👲 ( this is the case of Aaron Sixth Sense wife)


scorpio and Pisces are better for fire signs than Capricorn will be...