CNN RACISTS why do you libs pretend not to be racist but support CNN who only fires their racist staff AFTER THEY ARE CAUGHT and Don Lemon?

having a discussion about whether kamala harris is "black enough" and says "its important" after firing marc lamont hill for openly speaking about how the jews should all be "pushed into the sea" he had made these statements many times but never before in public so cnn approved of it until he got caught. as a mixed race man married to an African immigrant,I have experienced racism 1st hand and its ALWAYS from leftist democrats. SMH corp : Why are you making false assumptions ? TRY ANSWERING THE QUESTION instead of deflecting like democrats always do.


Here's a novel idea for America. Try running candidates based on their political performance, personal morals and record instead of their; - skin color - sex - sexual orientation


If Libtards came out and told America what they were, they would be off the air in a month, that is why. They are destroying American JUST SO THEY CAN WIN, Sick people, sick as hell!!


Some mental liberal ( CNN lover ) switched your category. Look in the dictionary for the word racist hypocrite and this shows up...

SMH Corp

Why do you support Fox News who only fires their sexual harassing staff AFTER they are caught for spending 20 years paying to keep allegations against them quiet?


kamel harris is too black and too slvt like. she is gross example of what women should not be like.