Is it true that sexless relationships are totally impossible and even if we think we don't need sex, we will need it anyway?

Some person told me this. They said sex is one of our basic needs and even if we think we can survive in a sexless relationships, it will not work out anyway because sex is a natural need. This person also said that it doesn't matter what the reasons are and how awesome your partner is, but sex is a neccesity and despite everything, even if it is the love of your life, you have to breakup.


The only thing that matters in the end, is the end.


For men? Yes. Men have hormones that force us to need sex. But as we get older and our testosterone declines the need isnt so great. Women are different. Women can go without sex in their whole lifetime. They dont have the hormones that make us men horny and need sex.


Love is not enough.