What Do You Think Of Morris As A Girl’s Name?

To all parents who enjoy giving their daughters masculine names who at least give them feminine middle names, here you go! If you think Harris sounds cute for a girl, Morris will definitely sound cute on a little girl! Boy names and surnames sound really cute and unique on girls, and Morris(male name) and Morrison(surname) are no exceptions! This is my surname and I’m a girl, and I wish my surname was more feminine! I don’t necessarily desire Morris just as a girl’s name myself, it sounds better as a boy’s first name. Out of all of the male names, Morris is probably the most masculine, so Morris would be the least considered for a girl! So what do you think? Girls don’t necessarily get teased for having any kind of name like boys do!


I don't think much of it as a girls name,but who am I to judge.

Jasmine Smith



Morrissa or Morrisyn might work for a girl.


Sure. As long as you name your son something like Tiffany or Crystal or Jennifer.


It's stupid . Btw, ranting and venting are reportable violations.


I don’t think it would be a good name for a boy or girl