What does the tooth fairy put under his pillow?



A trick question! The Tooth Fairy is a girl!

Weasel McWeasel

The teeth he knocked out of other hockey Players. I saw the movie. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0808510/

The Golden Poodle of Utrecht: Money. (PS

Money. (PS : I always thought the Tooth Fairy was a she.)

El Peaches!

The loose teeth of innocent children - she’s been arrested twice for that


the toothfairy sleeps without a pillow, but they also know that sleep is the cousin of death so they don't get much sleep, theyre pretty much an insomniac. Thats why the toothfairy is able to get around to all the children and retrieve their teeth in exchange for some cold cash, because their always up they dont have time to sleep. But its the biggest finesse in the game because they buy the teeth for a few bucks and then sell them for millions. These teeth belonged to Michael Jackson, when he was in the Jackson 5, I'll put them up for 5 million and since he's the king of Pop now they're probably at 10 million. Then they sell them. And these kids only got a few bucks for them. And some say you can't put a price on teeth because theyre timeless And they say wheres your proof that a toothfairy put money under Michael Jackson's pillow? What are you talking about wheres the proof? You think Joe Jackson put money under Michael's pillow. f--k no, he didnt want nothing to do with his teeth, and he sure enough wasnt gonna pay him for it, but he should have confiscated the teeth and put them on ebay if he was smart.