Why can't we launch a military invasion of Saudi Arabia with the goal to destroy Mecca?

People complain that we trade with them so much and they're our ally when they are a fundamentalist theocracy. I agree. Therefore, the next stop to destroying their fundamentalism is to destroy them.


First why would we want to do that and why would you need an invasion?


Should we destroy fundamentalism is the USA? I am against fundamentalism but an for freedom of religion. I don't think most people are for fundamentalism even in Saudi Arabia. I'm also against destroying religious sites.


Drop that meteorite they worship into the ocean on top in Bin Laden. Republicans and petrol billionaires are in bed with House of Saud, so never going to happen.


So with NO provocation we just SUDDENLY ATTACK A FRIEND ?? Would have a detrimental affect on all of our other 'friends' ....