Are you surprised by the recent Rasmussen shock poll? Occasia Cortes potentially beats Trump within margin of undecided?

According the Rasmussen poll and you can look it up for yourself out of 1000 likely American voters the wild eyed wonder Cortes would get 43 percent of U.S. votes while Trump would get 47 percent of U.S. votes with 17 percent undecided. That is if she could actually run but she can’t since she’s under age, still it is clearly indicative of something and if you ask me either the Trump ship is absolutely floundering right now or the American people have gone off the deep end, I know people are misinformed but give me a break


I’m surprised that anyone would listen to ocostco the economic illiterate.




I'm sadden. Shows there are a lot of ignorant people out there who have jumped on the socialism bandwagon. So many, it's frightening.


These polls are deluded. Remember how Hillary was supposed to whip Trump? They probably conducted the poll at a Socialism convention.