It’s seems like the bots are back, when will yahoo get rid of them?



Never. Yahoo doesn't give a flying **** about this site anymore. They might as well just terminate it now.


They're trying to break yahoo so trolls can finally get a life

Jess from ToyStory

all i am doing with bot is blocking them and reporting them. If you notice they don't have email where they can be traced because they are to chicken to face the real people and give real answers


I just ignore them. Just like they don't bother me. At least you wouldn't get judged by them.


Are you mistaking a bot for a smarta**? PS Yahoo and AOL, OATH was a sucker bet and Verizon will end up being part of AT&T again.


What are bots?

NPG Starlett

This bot attack must be very severe, because it's still attacking the site and have not been blocked, or at least controlled by Yahoo.

Some guy named Tim

I'm asking the same question too.

abcame ♂