Do you think there will come a time when Hollywood stops forcing SJW propaganda into every movie and TV show, and goes back to making?

normal movies and TV shows?


they don't do that. You are retarded and I do report any violation you post

Rebel With A Cause

To be fair, people have used mediums of all kinds, including films, to raise awareness in social issues for years. Like the 1916 film Intolerance, it featured a conflict between business owners and workers, and the 1940 film The Great Dictator criticized Hitler before the US joined the second World War.

Pearl L

hopefully there will be, nnaybe you can suggest it to thenn


yep hollywood is making bombs after bombs.......and loosing big money while blaming someof their top teir movie audiences...white males.......anytime a movie is labeled bad,they blame white males these about entitled morons......

Beaux Jest

Slavery used to be normal. Times change and reactionaries react, at least until they die off and there's a new normal. Sorry.