Does anybody know what this lifetime movie is called?

This is an older lifetime movie I believe it was set in the 90’s. Anyways I can recall what the main actress looked like but I unfortunately don’t know her name. The things I remember are that she was in bed on her phone and I believe she snuck out of the house. Somehow she ended up inside of a white van and she got out and tried to run away but she was either shot or killed and she fell over a fence and that’s where she was found the next morning by cops. She was wearing plaid shorts and mid ankle white socks, and I think one of them ended up coming off after she fell over the fence and the investigators found it odd or something like that. I also think it was a group of guys that had opened the door and shoved her out of the van. Those are just the basic details I remember and I wish I could find the name of it.