Is netflix or hulu better? You can't choose both.?



Netflix. They have a better library of movies and better original content. The one and only advantage of Hulu is that they get new episodes faster.


I actually like Hulu a little better. The HBO and other add on options plus the live TV feature for news, sports...etc I don't really like the Netflix originals that much


Netflix. It’s all I have and all I want to have.


Netflix is better


I've never seen/tried either.


well i can sure as hell pick neither


It depends on what you want. Hulu started as a streaming service for several of the networks and it's still best at first run tv shows. If you're looking to watch the latest episode of Modern Family or This Is Us online then Hulu is the place. Netflix doesn't get shows until they come out on DVD. On the other hand, Netflix has a larger catalogue of movies, so if you're looking for movies then they're the choice. The original programming might be of interest too. Netflix has a huge catalogue of original tv shows and movies. A lot of them are probably junk or average, but some of them, like Stranger Things, are considered big hits. Hulu has a smaller library of original content but also includes some hit shows like The Handmaid's Tale

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Netflix is Hulu only in the USA