Is the new Halloween movie good?

Today I pass by fye store it has a lot of Michael Myers DVDs in there is it worth to buy it? I didn't watch him but looks good.


I thought Halloween from 2018 was very good. The movie ignores all the sequels that were made from the original and that the new Halloween movie lives up to the first movie. But like with all movies in general, it's up to the viewer whether they like a movie or not as it's a personal preference.


New? It came out last Halloween.


Its ok. Like... They could have done so much more. And in this one, she has a daughter and granddaughter. 🙄😬 In H20 she had a son. Then in Halloween II, she had a daughter. 😄 So inconsistent. But overall an ok movie to watch on a Friday night. The granddaughter takes after her grandma. I like that.