Can someone explain Primus to me?

I don't get it at all. Is it a joke or something? I like all kinds of music especially from the 90s but I just can't get into Primus. Why do people like them so much?


What is there to explain? If you don't like them, fine. Why should people who do be obligated to justify that to you? I don't like yoghurt. Does that mean that people who do owe me an explanation? I don't like a lot of different kinds of music, so I don't listen to it. But I don't sit up nights scratching my head wondering why some people feel differently.


Virtuoso bass playing, weird Frank Zappa-like surreal humor, and a sound like nobody else. It's like funk/alternative metal...sorta, but not really. The vocals are a cartoonish nasally sound, mixed with bass as the lead instrument in a rock band, whilst the guitarist follows the bass and plays dissonant rambling leads, which is unique.


Because they're different, with an electric cello, electric violin, and that undeniable bass line. Primus has a signature sound, unlike any other band. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver, My Name Is Mud, and Jerry Was a Race Car Driver are great songs.

Wire and String

primus sucks