Guitar Barre chords?

Suppose I'm on the 5th fret switching back and forth between A and D chords. Should I be adjusting my index finger each time I switch chords? I realize that if I lower my index finger when switching to D, it can help to mute the 6th string, but for me it makes the chord change MUCH more difficult. Thank you!


"I use more bridge chords"  "Bridge chords" are a new one on me. What do you mean by that, Rock It? When changing from a straight bar to the subdominant, I maintain my index finger position.  If you find muting the low E to be helpful, just practice doing the chord change with the shift, and it'll become a reflex pretty quickly.

Tony B

That's a good question. I've played for forty years and I don't know the answer! I don't adjust the way I'm barring intentionally but I guess I may do it without being aware of it (I don't have a guitar handy at the moment to check). I'd say whatever feels comfortable and "does the job".

Rock It!

I adjust my bar finger accordingly. But I only use this type of chords in certain type of playing. I use more bridge chords. Just a preference.