Help me find a song?

Im trying to figure out the names of a list of songs i found on an xbox demo disc i had a while back i know two of the songs if it helps they are.. Paperthin hymn by Anberlin and if you talk to much my head will explode by People in planes. There is a song on it i liked but cant remember its name, artist, or lyrics. But i know id recognize it when i saw it thanks in advance for your help

Alan: Per an earlier question in Y/A https

Per an earlier question in Y/A The soundtrack for game Amp3 demo included features the following fan-selected bands and songs (in no specific order): so maybe it's one of these, does not include "if you talk to much my head will explode by People in planes" Tub Ring - The Promise Keeper, Hellogoodbye - Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn, Halifax - Anthem For Tonight, Hidden In Plain View - Ashes Ashes, Houston Calls - Exit, Emergency, Emery - Studying Politics, Underoath - It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door, The Junior Varsity - Get Comfortable, Anberlin - Paperthin Hymn, Boys Night Out – Healing, Cartel - Say Anything (Else), The Rocket Summer - Around The Clock, The Dirtball - Bulldoggin', Copeland - No One Really Wins, Day At The Fair – Coda, After The Tragedy - The Soul Burns, The Body Decays Pt. 1, Self Against City - All This Time, Tears From The Sky - Nailed Down, Waking Ashland - I Am For You, June - OK Corral.