Should Disney be given the legal authority to administer lethal injections at Disneyland for people who criticse the direction of Star Wars?

I work for Disney and we are planning to punish the Trumptards that oppose our products People are engaging in illegal boycotts

Sir Viktor Knight

Only in the movies. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THERE AIN"T **** YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Keep whining, you little ****. If you can't give lethal injections to the people ruining Star Wars, then why would you give them to the people critiquing it? FACE IT! YOU ARE POWERLESS AND CAN DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE THAT LETHAL INJECTION, YOU DISNEY DICK-SUCKING, *** KISSING *****!


im reporting this purely for being hateful and pointless


If you worked for Warner Bros. but you be trying to administer something similar at Great Adventure if someone criticized the direction of some property THEY acquired? Americans have freedom of speech- you can't do that.

Garrett Ball





I'm more of a Guardians of the Galaxy guy now. Star Wars sucks now.

Toni Parr

Anyone responsible for jar jar binks doesn't deserve mercy.

Pearl L

i dont think so