What does being high on weed feel like?



The best analogy I can give is being on a playground's merry-go-round that starts spinning slow enough that you don't notice it and then all of a sudden you realize it's going super fast, and what it's like is like you're looking straight out without ever turning your head at all to be able to focus on anything and with your hands by your eyes like blinders on a horse, so stuff whooshes by and then whoosh it's back and then it's gone again and then whoosh it's back and then whoosh it's gone again. That's what you're consciousness is like. Whoosh, everything seems real and it's like you've woken up. Whoosh, it happens again and you realize you didn't even realize you'd slipped away into your own head. Whoosh, your back again from another daydream. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.


I would not know because I don't smoke anything