What zodiac signs are the most prone to depression ?



There are no zodiac signs. Astrology is a pseudoscience that has no basis in reality. It was completely debunked centuries ago.


Not a thing when it comes to depression




Depression is not linked to any particular zodiac sign. And our zodiac sign is ONLY our SUN sign ... everyone has ALL 12 signs in their personal astrological birthchart. There IS a tendency towards depression shown in SOME personal birthcharts. Saturn, if badly-aspecting one of the personal planets, can indicate a tendency towards depression. BUT since depression is self-caused, is a result of the spin we put on things and the self-statements we choose to put into our unconscious, no birthchart can PREDICT depression. It is important to note that even when an individual birthchart has a badly-aspected Saturn, the person is NOT predictably going to be depressed. It is also important to note that depression is very common in society, and especially among young people, and often there is NOTHING in the birthchart that would suggest depression. And since all we see in our birthchart is how we will be IF we do nothing to change, astrology is only an influence on what goes on inside of us, if we allow it to affect us. NOTES to explain above terms and concepts: - the term "zodiac sign" does NOT mean your Sun sign Your Sun sign's position is what you find when you look up your month-day of birth. It is easy to find, so it is easy to write about and make money off a public that doesn't understand astrology. But NOTHING about "Sun sign astrology" is valid astrology. Not the personality descriptions, which lack 98% of the rest of the birthchart. Not the "predictions/horoscopes", and most certainly NOT relationship "compatibilty. Real astrology has their own methods and techniques, but none of these are used for Sun sign astrology, which is just a scam to make money. - the personal planets are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. - a "bad aspect" is an interaction between any two planets that causes inner psychological stress, a conflict between the two needs represented by those two planets. These interactions occur when any two planets are between 82 and 98 degrees apart (a square "aspect") or 172 and 188 degrees apart (an opposition "aspect"). Note that astrologers ONLY use the term "Aspect" when referring to one of those distances between two planets which will set up some kind of internal interaction between those two needs (planets represent different inner needs).




There are 3 top common that is prone to depression they say- Pisces Cancer scorpion


Libra because they’re the ones to notice all the perils of this world. Unfortunately, no one likes them because they’re very intelligent and morally superior to all the other zodiac signs. They have many haters and no friends unfortunately