Do you think that when we die, we will be with our dogs one again?

I really hope so. I miss my dogs so much. Currently I have a puppy that will bring me much joy like all my other dog kids. I'm just curious about the whole after life events. Before I ever smoked weed, Ive seen things with my own 2 eyes that maybe I should not have seen such as a black mist floating by and then disappearing. Spirits are real and this is not a horror post.


Only for short while . Most of us will be in hell


I am *CONFIDENT* that I will see one of my cats, Poppy again when I die. I dream of her a whole lot and it's always the same dream: We've buried her but somehow she's come back to life and its that same dream over and over. The spiritual world is real, no doubt about that. I see it (even though I probably shouldn't) yeah, I'm a trespasser but I'm sure if you and I play our cards right, we'll see our deceased pets again one day.

Ray J

I guess if they dig up your dead dog and bury it with you. Whatever trips your trigger.