Everything we think we know about history....IS WRONG?



If you’re a conspiracy theorist

Mrs. Frankenstein

Hard to know 100%, since we weren't there and can only go by drawings and writings, really. But I would say a decent amount that we know is all garbage, sure. Like how many tools have been found in ancient civilization sites, for instance. It's hysterical to watch these men with their PHD's claiming these tools were used for sacrifice, for holy worship to their gods, for some other stupid notion...go to the village 20 miles north and they will tell you they use the SAME tool that hasn't changed in 700 years and it's for scraping mud...off the rafters when it rains...yeah... That's what I mean. I think the past is romanticized way too much or people make it scarier than it actually was.


Well...except for the things that you personally believe happened...isn't that how this works?


Funny thing is... I somehow always knew. Questioned everything.




Hi D. I think that because all this "wrong history" just so happens to be popping up in the coming end days, something is amiss and is suspect. Nefarious organizations are at work trying to confuse as many uninformed people as they can, and steer them away from what always has been the truth.


Nope, every thing we learn in History class if factual history (meaning things that actually happened in the past).


The way I see it, some will be 100% right, some 50% right, some just not accurate at all. Think about it, if someone decided to do a historical reading of you and your life, without being there, with only hints, clues, whatever, do you really think it will be 100% right, all of it? i.e. - there is lots of evidence of vinca-vine in my front yard. It is all over the place. And ivy. covering much more than it needs to cover. UP the side of my chimney, flower garden, whatever. Historians come the the conclusion that I loved these viney plants and ground covering. In reality, I HATE this stuff and spend every spring and summer trying to pull it out and kill it, it keeps coming back. NOT TRUE - Don't get me wrong, I am not saying "conspiracy" or anything, just saying - we do our best with the info and facts in front of us - sometimes 100%, sometimes less. :)

Blue Sky 🐾

As an amateur historian, I don't think everything we think we know about history is wrong, but I do think we will continue to make discoveries that will change what is perceived to be accurate in regards to history.