How many mansions can you buy from the proceeds gained from moving questions around all day on Yahoo?

Nope, your too thick to have achieved anything legitimate, if not lying you probably inherited wealth or ripped someone off, I only envy moral success. This is what you turds don't get, we want a fairer distribution of wealth to help those less fortunate than ourselves not for ourselves, that's your domain, self self self, me me me, yet you claim to care about the country! 😂


There are no direct proceeds, although I do spend time on YA while at work if it's a slow work day, and yes I relocate misplaced questions to more appropriate categories, so since I'm getting paid for being at my job even though I'm on YA, I guess you could say I indirectly receive "proceeds" for my time. My house, however, is a small 3 bedroom, frame house built in the 1960s and valued at just a bit over $100K. While it might be a "mansion" to someone with no home, it's hardly classified as one based on comparisons of types/sizes of homes.


Gods house.



Andrew the Mullin

You mean they pay? I must open another twenty accounts and answer a thousand questions a day so I can get there fast. Beats benefit scrounging any day.


I wouldn’t know I’m only level 2.


More than you can imagine. Jealous much dim?