Superbowl last night - good / bad / whatever? Commercials - good / bad / whatever? Half time show - good / bad / whatever?

IMO - it wasn't terrible or anything, just very frustrating waiting for some real action! I LOVED that wedding cake "FUMBLE!' commercial, half time show was geat at the end....


Really wasn't into the game. First year I couldnt drink alcohol due to some medications I'm on so it was just boring. I don't like all the hidden agenda commercials (aka pseudo political). HEB had a great ad but not sure it ran national


Boring AF. The afc game was more fun to watch. Maroon 5 was boring. Just boring altogether Commercials weren’t THAT funny. Nothing creative. I only liked the T-Mobile commercial where the dad is looking for the eggplant Parmesan recipe and instead texts his daughter instead of google. Lol Go pats. I’m a pats fan. But I like a good exciting game to watch.


Frustrating that the 'high octane Rams offense' fizzled. Commercials...couple of entertaining ones but overall lackluster. Half-time was awful but could have been saved with "Sweet Victory". Disappointing

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Never watched a minute of it - glad to hear Brady got another ring though.

Gummy Roach

I thought the whole thing was a snoozefest. Sure were a LOT of punts, not much else. Really annoying to hear the announcers say "Tom Brady" so many times. It was like sheesh! Have they forgotten there are OTHER players out there on the field besides him? Yes, he's a good player, but come on! It was Tom Brady, Tom Brady, Tom Brady, Tom Brady. (Yawn) The half-time show should be renamed the Half-@$$ed show! It was awful. Parts of it sounded thuggy. I didn't hear any "bleep"s, but the audio kept cutting out in places. My guess is they had to do that because the thug music probably contained some vulgar lyrics in places. I dunno who decides which performers get to do the half-time shows, but I think they should be fired. They wouldn't know real talent if it bit them in the @$$.


all mediochre .


Whatever. 😄


Bad, bad, and terrible.