Why do people make fun of me for listening to obscure music instead of mainstream music?


They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

That fact that you seem to think obscure makes it better.

Man of Honor

Because they're jerks that don't mind their own business. Or because you flaunt it out like an attempt at looking superior and people see nothing but pretentiousness. Your friends won't make fun of you, and strangers won't know you well enough to be aware that you're listening to it. So somebody has to be sharing the information on you? Stop being obnoxious, leave people alone and you'll find people will leave you alone.


My family think I am odd because I like anything from classic rock to classical music and opera. We are all different and there is nothing wrong with being different.


I get made fun of too. 😄 My taste in music IS pretty odd. Either it's extremely filthy (Lana Del Rey) or sounds weird to my peers (Lana Del Rey). We have rare taste. That's all.


You listen to what you want, It's better to be a lone wolf than be part of a flock of sheep.

Fat Brian 🐄

Because you're 13 and think you're a hipster. I mean seriously how do people even know what you listen to? A couple days ago I watched Taylor Swift's Look what you made me do video because I hadn't seen it yet but no one was gonna know until I said it. If you're being made fun of, it's probably because you're being obnoxious and shoving your taste of music in everyone's faces instead of keeping it to yourself because in reality, nobody cares.