Women, would you ever even date a 34 year old man who clearly has a smaller baby face and looks sort of feminine?

This describes me pretty accurately and if I'm being honest yeah it bothers me. Why? Because no one men or women seem to take me seriously for my age. I keep a cropped goatee to help but it only does so much. Yes, this has made me a little self-conscious. Women only ever call me cute or adorable and not hot or sexy. They never want to seem to do anything other than cuddle too. It's a curse I tell you.


No because I am married and old enough to be your mother. If I were single and younger, if the man had a good character and personality, if he was funny, intelligent and kind I could have dated him. Those qualities are ones my husband has.


no. Because I love my husband. But if i were to date again.. it would still be no.. because i only date men older than me.


maybe grow facial hair