Would you say that quitting smoking cigarettes is one of the hardest things to do cold turkey?

I'm almost finished with day 1 of not smoking and I haven't felt this horrible for years. I mean I feel like hammered sh*t that's been ran over multiple times. This is horrible. Also, I was smoking sometimes over 2 packs a day and have been for nearly 20 years.


Yes it is.

Milk Tray Man

It depends how long you smoked for it takes a long while to get addicted that's why people think they won't. If it's years and years it's hard, my Grandad stopped in the 1960's and still wanted to smoke until he died in 2012.

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I've done it. by day 4 that was the hardest for me. I just cried it out in private, screamed in my pillow until the cravings pass. by some lemon lollipops, lemon makes your saliva gland go awaking your mouth. Brush your teeth and tongue when you crave ciggies. Chew on some ice, eat something spicy, suck on some cloves. go for a walk, distract yourself, when you have a thought that is too strong just make a point to change your mind to think of something else, get up and do jumping jacks. What ever you do, don't indulge in food too much or you'll get fat. You can also try nicotine gum if its too much. Good luck, just remember that it usually takes a bunch of times consecutivley before quitting for sure, each time you attempt to quit, you will alright with knowing how it is and you will find better ways to stay away from the ciggies. You can do this.


I've wanted to quit for years but I've never lasted more than three hours before giving in. Withdrawal pains are just awful. Hang in there.


Dec 28th I had a quadruple bypass procedure. Up until the 27th I was smoking a pack to a pack and a half a day. Since the 28th I have used 3 Nicoderm patches and I have not had a cigarette. I have discontinued the patch. I had been smoking since 1968.


I know the feeling. If I were going to try again I would get a quit smoking aid like nicotine patches or Chantix to help ease me off of it. It's about impossible to quit it cold turkey without major withdrawal symptoms.


Yes and no. Done it before. But this time, around? I'd say it's easy to quit cold turkey when you're ready and sick of it.


Some people can quit like that, and some can't. I quit for 10 years, then started again 2 years ago and I stopped last year in July, cold turkey both times. The first month is really hard, but it gets easier. After the 2nd month, you can walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. Three month your skin starts looking better, four months, your teeth start getting whiter. All of that is incentive to keep going because you feel yourself getting healthier and looking healthier, good luck.


Yes. Only thing harder is eating lettuce all day to lose weight.