Any Radio Tuning Voice Effect Suggestions?

So, I've been really into editing videos and such. One thing I've been wanting to do so bad, was make a voice effect to where it sounds like someone is talking through radio stations. In the first Transformers movie when Bumble Bee talks to the two characters (I haven't watched it in forever and I honestly don't feel like looking up their names), Bumble Bee speaks through his radio using three or more words from each station with the tuning sound effect of him switching to a station that was using the words he needed. I really want to make my own sentence or longer with that effect of tuning to different stations to use any voice that is saying the words I want. I keep trying to look it up, but I it becomes either I don't word it correctly, I'm receiving mp3 suggestions, and others things I don't wanpt. Does anyone know a way to get the effect, program, or whatever is needed? Please help, I'd love it if someone could help. THANK YOU!


I USUALLY TUNE to another STATION...........😂😂😂😂