Rush Limbaugh: “It is amazing the great deception continues...there is no and has not been any Trump collusion with Russia.” True or false?


Rush is a Flaming Idiot.


Rush Limpballs is a fat druggie. You can't trust anything he says.

truth seeker

yet members of the Trump campaign met with Russian "operqtives" over 100 times....

SMH Corp

If Rush Limbaugh says it, you can be almost certain it's false.


We already have undeniable proof that Donald Junior was colluding, as well as half of the inside campaign staff, so obviously Rush is wrong. Again. How surprising.

Weasel McWeasel

Rush Limpballs? the drug addled pedophile, arrested at the airport with illegal drugs in his suitcase? Does anyone still listen to that gasbag?

Smoking Joe

Lol like Hannity or Rush have the slightest idea what information Mueller has found.


I don't listen to LimpBalls.


Neither Rush, Sean or Tucker are astute, unbiased political commentators


There’s a lot of people behind bars that seems to indicate that’s false


What we don't know do we question mark and neither does Rush Limbaugh. So when he says that there's no collusion what he's really saying is that he hopes there's no collusion. At this point, I think that rational observers have to admit that there was some level of illegal activity between some members of the Trump campaign and Russia. I think we also have to admit that it's more likely than not that Donald Trump was involved in this activity. We know that the Russians were working hard to try and electron. We also know that the highest level members of the Trump campaign were willing, as of June 2016, too illegally work with Russia to help his campaign. Add to this the fact that essentially every member of his campaign had contacts with the Russians and lied about it. What Defenders of trump are really hanging their case on is the president's morality. I think even Trump supporters would admit that it's a risky bet to try and depend on Trump's morals

Mark Astoforoff

I remember when Rush Limbaugh had a tv show that they showed on a local TV station (I live in Canada), I watched his show a couple of times. What a bunch of garbage this man spews, and so vitriolic in his idiocy. He is exactly like his hero Trump. A couple of racist, pigheaded bullies. I had no use for him back then and have zero respect for his opinions. Sorry but if I wanted to listen to his garbage I would go out and buy a gun just so I could put it up to my temple. Funny thing is all of Trumps followers seem to be of the same mold. Full of sh*t. Rush and Trump wouldn't know what is true if their lives depended on it. I prefer to listen to rational people.


Rush lies constantly 90% of his so called facts can be proven false in a very short period of time When I worked I was frequently forced to listen to that lying POS, and I used to keep track of how many lies he told. That averaged about 2 an hour


TRUE It's all just playing politics and digging dirty

scott b

Rush Limbaugh?? Is he still alive?

Spirit of All

False I’m convinced there is since they deny it so much

Armchair Goddess #1

Insecure and self-loathing phony (conman) Donald Trump is bedazzled by money, which he wrongly equates with "power", but the evidence that Trump is what the Russian MAFIA elites call KOMPROMAT is long-standing and it runs deep. You might want to read the 2018 book by career CIA counterespionage specialist, "The Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin and is Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West." Then there is the chronological review of Trump's Russian connections in "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" by veteran reporters Michael Isikoff and David Corn, as well as "The Making of Donald Trump" (2016) by David Cay Johnston that do introduce the name FELIX SATER, a senior business partner for Trump since 2001, who is the Russian-born son of the Russian MAFIA crime boss operating in the United States and a convicted felon caught in 1991 by our own FBI attempting to set up a $40M stock fraud scheme he'd designed to help make new inroads into Wall Street for LA COSA NOSTRA (Russian MAFIA) crime families. To stay out of prison in 1991, FELIX SATER turned into an FBI INFORMANT, so how come SATER showed up in 2001 as the CEO of the Russian-owned (Denis Katsyv) PREVEZON Holding---a corrupt company situated in New York Cit exposed by Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky. Young 39-year-old forensics economist turned whistleblower Magnitsky, working at Hermitage Foundation, an investment firm, stumbled across widespread TAX THEFTS as well as laundering many, many millions of stolen Russian dollars, laundered through high-end real estate deals (like the SATER-TRUMP-build Trump SoHo in Upper Manhattan) where Russian MAFIA oligarchs pay more than a condo is worth, but do not use the condo---laundering stolen millions. MAGNITSKY was arrested, by these ruthless Russian billionaires and then tortured to death in a Moscow prison on Putin's orders for being "disloyal" in reporting the corruption.

Jerry S

False, big time.


Only two people can answer that question. Donald Trump and Robert Mueller. We've heard from one of them ad nauseum. Now we have to wait to hear from the other. Everything else, from all sides, is just noise. And brother! It's noisy in here!!



I was wrong once

Just the fact that Limbaugh says he knows should be proof enough to anyone that he's a liar.


Rush is more dinky dau than a POW.


False, but it is true there never was any intention to build a concrete wall. That "The Wall" was just a Bullet Point to keep Trump on the topic of illegal immigration because that was the Hot Button topic with the Republican Base.


I couldn't care less what blowhards like Limbaugh think/say. I will listen to what Mueller has to say when he wraps up his investigation

don r

Limbaugh is a propagandist and professional liar:


He's committed a whole lot of political crimes, and collusion will be one. That's why he so desperately wants money for a wall that will never get erected, he needs to pay Russia off. Russia can devastate Trump at any given time.


FALSE ..... what reality do you live in ???


Limpdick lies. That's all you need to know. He's a right wing shill. He gets paid very well to be a right wing shill. You haven't caught on to that yet?


It is true that Rush Limbaugh said that, yes.


The chick in Florida did way worse things then Donald Trump NO EVIDENCE all manufactured lying to the FBI. Hilliary and her cohorts lied and destroyed evidence to the FBI and not a peep.