What is the Blockbuster trivia answer and other Radio Trivia answers for Thursday January 17, 2019?


Robin: b95.5 6

b95.5 6:25 water

Bob: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Water 9:25 B –Word

B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Water 9:25 B –Word: Give Back to work Perk: Hall and Oates 4:25 B -Word: Tom Email bonus: Radiothon Blockbusters: Lifegaurd Book Worm: Puck Country Trivia: Alison Krauss Classic Rock: Montrose Music Challenge: Dizzy Reed Music Pop Quiz: Manchester Get your game on: Mass Effect: Andromeda Healthy Knowledge: Kneecaps Superhero Trivia: Caliban Sports Trivia: Robinson Cano TV Trivia: Trevor Noah


Blockbusters is Lifeguard Bookworm is Puck Classic Rock is Montrose Country Music is Alison Krauss Get Your Game On is Mass Effect: Andromeda Healthy is Kneecaps Sports is Robinson Cano Super Hero is Caliban TV is Trevor Noah