Are there a lot of sex scenes in Game Of Thrones?

A friend of mine told me I should watch Game of Thrones but Ive heard from coworkers they didnt really like it because of all the adult content. What are your opinions on the show? Is it appropriate to watch with my family (all adults but still)? Is there a good story line behind it?


It is a fantastic story, but yes there is adult content, and some seriously horrible characters.

Blue nose

Not very good then


Yes there's quite a few sex scenes and fairly graphic, with a porno aesthetic to a lot of them. The story is good, with a richly detailed world. But it's not a show to watch with people who you'd be uncomfortable watching sex scenes with.

Elaine M

It's 5% sex, 80% fighting and 15% talking.


There are a lot of sex scenes. Including incest and rape. It's not a family show.

The Lord Humungus.

Most of the people who complain about the sex scenes, complained because they included gay sex scenes. They were OK with the naked women, but two dudes freaked them out.


Of course there is 'a good story line' and as the events are inspired by real history (yes yes, I know the dragons aren't historical) there is naturally a good deal of sex.


Yes - rather a lot. If nudity and sex scenes offend you or your family, forget it.

Sir Caustic

I'm afraid there is. It's a well-known fact that the scriptwriters use the popular "DIY" book "The Joy of the Sex" to help them write-in the many, hugely explicit sex scenes in GoT. Whilst recently re-watching all seven series', I kept note of all the filth I was seeing and filled an entire notebook with observations. Propriety prohibits me from getting too "technical", but I noticed 18 instances of "Canine posturing", 22 of "The Wheelbarrow", 16 of "Phlapping" and no less than 27 depictions of "Rodeo Tyrannosaurus". Now, I'm not one to tell people not to watch stuff but I say you shouldn't, unless you keep your hands ready on the remote control's "OFF" button.


I have heard there is a lot of female nudity and not much men


Haven't seen the movie. What does this have to do with Books and Authors?