Do you guys think Rick Grimes is really dead?



Yes, or he soon will be. Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, has left the show. This is the last season. Viewership fell off sharply with the introduction of Negan and the death of Glenn. That's when the show, which only shortly before had been the most popular show on television, started to be in trouble. Fans didn't like Glenn dying. Fans didn't like how the show seemed to get overly indulgent towards writing and directing, more character and less plot, so much less plot that the plot was moving at a snail's pace. It was still a fairly popular show, though. It could've been turned around. That was until they killed off Carl, played by Chandler Riggs. Viewership fell off again sharply when they killed off Carl, precipitously. It was a HUGE mistake. Fans felt Carl represented hope and that without him, the story lost all hope, lost any possibility for a satisfying ending. What's more, how the young actor that played Carl, Chandler Riggs, was let go really didn't sit well with fans, even TWD fans that weren't huge Chandler Riggs fans, as the show really wronged him by letting him turn down acceptances to colleges with his friends and even letting him buy a house in that town where they shoot it, the first big thing he'd ever bought, even driving a 15-year-old used car before then, the whole time knowing they were going to let him go in just a couple of episodes. Chandler Riggs put on a brave public face, but it came out that privately he was beyond devastated, deeply overwrought. The show had screwed that barely 18-year-old kid over, a kid everyone had watched grow up and who'd given half his life to the show, just because they were worried about a plot element leaking. The Internet exploded when it came out how roughly the show had treated Chandler Riggs, whom the show had up until the moment of his firing led to believe would be on the show until the show's end. So, killing off Carl and the way they killed off Carl sat so badly with fans that they stopped being fans in droves and viewership fell so low that the show was no longer profitable. It was at that point, and also rumoredly over some bad blood Andrew Lincoln had about how Chandler Riggs was let go, that Andrew Lincoln said he was done. That's when the production company decided the show could not be saved and decided to cancel it effective with the end of this season.


No. Did you not watch the mid-season episode? His character is very clearly *not* dead.


No. He's supposed to be in some stand alone movies. The show ****** up by killing off Carl. Well, that's the latest **** up. This show has gone off the rails.


No, he is not dead, they are going to make some stand alone movies letting us know what he is doing and going through


Did you watch his final episode? Rick apparently dies blowing up a bridge but then he gets found by Jadis somewhere downriver, washed up on the shore. She calls to the person she's been talking to on the radio and a helicopter arrives which takes her and a very much alive Rick away. The producers have confirmed that Rick is alive and he's going to star in a trio of tv movies for AMC. They will be set in a different part of the Walking Dead universe. The movie format will solve one of Andrew Lincoln's principle reasons for wanting to leave the show: the desire to spend more time with his family in Britain. They've said that they might even film them in Britain in order to further accomodate him.


No, He is in the caravan heading toward the US now but Negan is also in the caravan they are heading north to fight the tribe called the Trumpettes


Is he related to Sandy Grimes?