What's your most memorable moment from The Simpsons?

Mine's when some kids are making fun of Ralph for being afraid of that abandoned prison and Bart feels bad about it so he side up with Ralph and asks for that master key but Nelson throws the key inside the prison and they go away. But now Ralph is confident and he himself invades the prison to get the key and Bart follows him. It's a effective character building moment :)


When Homer is left in charge because Marge is spending so much time at the casino & when she returns Homer has barricaded the front door with a mattress & blasted holes in it with a shotgun because one of the kids told him that a boogeyman was out to get them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYzSHynBeh4


I have only seen the chapter where they come by a green alien who was in reality the boss or relative of the fat guy married to the blue haired woman I thought it was humorous the diet part

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Mine is the very end of the episode "We're on the road to D'owhere" Lisa got home, turned on the answering machine. Marge got jailed over selling medicine, Homer fought a guard in a Las Vegas casino, and lost Bart. Lisa wasn't even surprised. She sighed and said to Maggie "You see, I always knew we'd end up alone you and me. I'll look for work in the morning"