Andrew Wheeler who heads EPA just removed emission standard for coal. Will you send him lump of coal for xmas?

I still think we should send him a truckload of coal.


It's human nature to believe every emission standard is good and every new safety regulation is good. This is simply not true. Obama ordered this standard as a back door way of putting the coal industry out of business. Just look at the outcry when Trump dramatically reduced the size of two national monuments in Utah. I mean, how can any president be so heartless as to remove federal protections on millions of acres of land? What people forget is that these two national monuments were greatly expanded during the last days of the Obama administration. All Trump did was restore what was. In his own words: "These abuses of the Antiquities Act give enormous power to faraway bureaucrats at the expense of the people who actually live here, work here and make this place their home," All he is really doing is returning control of these places to the state of Utah, yet there were multiple lawsuits. Not every regulation is good.


The existing emission standards were absolutely ridiculous. Requiring carbon capture and sequestration, unproven technology and estimated to add 40% to the cost of electricity. No coal fired stations would be built under these rules, which was probably the reason behind them. Look what abundant energy has done for the world

Toni Parr

No. Just send him a tank full of coal emissions and make him breath it in. Then see how likes it after a few minutes (If he is still alive).


states can set their own standards. although i acknowledge third part cost-sorry Canada


Ha ha very funny


I dig coal. Why don't you go plant a tree or something.