Are Ebikes are better for the environment the a car that uses gas or a city bus that Runs on diesel?



E-bikes are still recharged by coal/gas/dinosaur burning power stations but being smaller and lighter vehicles they have a far lower carbon footprint.


Where does the electricity come from to charge the battery on the bike? Probably a coal fired power plant. Electric vehicles are mostly a fool's paradise, you're simply shifting the source of the pollution.


Not really. Electric vehicles need energy to charge their batteries, and that energy is usually generated from burning carbon based fuels at a local or regional power plant. All you are doing by driving an electric vehicle is moving the source of air pollution from your vehicle to a central power plant.


Obviously but I've just bought an ebike and the instructions tell me not to use it when it's raining or there are puddles. That's about 80% of the year where i live.

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There is always exhaust from one source or another. What- you think you don't exhale CO2 when you pedal? Charging the battery is using power generated from what source? Better if wind, hydro or solar, but not if coal, gas or oil powers the generator. Cars and buses always give off heat, but our 8 billion bodies do too, and that doesn't count dogs, cats, cows, roaches, and huge piles of feces.


In order. 1, A bicycle, 2, 50cc 4 stroke bike, 3 E bike, 4 City bus. The personal car comes last.


The answer is obviously yes and only a complete idiot couldn't figure that out on their own.