I need to find a fuel powered 40 watt generator and I have looked everywhere and haven t found something even similar. Do they even exist?

This is for an assignment to build a cellphone generator and my professor said to find one that is preferably 40 watts or as small as we can find as long as it is not below 20 watts.


That is a small generator. Most are far larger. Try a radio controlled plane store as a small engine like that hooked to a generator would do it.

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Perhaps you should consider a small Goal Zero Yeti generator which is charged by a solar panel. Check out Goal Zero.com


Check out fuel cells.


It would be inefficient to produce a low wattage generator powered by a fuel. The smallest gasoline powered is about this one https://www.amazon.com/Tailgator-63025-630253-Portable-Generator/dp/B00O39NQ96/ The current technology is solar charging and battery based or a hand or foot pedal crank. Cell phones charge on 5VDC, and need 4 to 8 watt hours. http://offgridpowerboom.com/best-hand-crank-generators/

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Well that would be a very small genny The smallest ive seen is 1500..2000 watt,