Should cars switch from oil to LNG?

There won't be any more wars in the middle east if the switch is made. Cars will have more horse power than electric cars. Electric cars indirectly use mostly fossil fuels since that's what generates the most electricity. Natural gas is the cleanest of fossil fuels. Therefore, isn't it logical that cars make the switch from oil to natural gas?


Gasoline is plentiful and cheap. Natural gas stations are few and far between. I personally favor natural gas converted into electricity in vehicles by fuel cells. 70% efficiency beats all other methods.


yes, even cooking in kitchens of houses, hotels, mess, canteens should use natural gas instead of LPG cylinders. even power generation plants should try to use natural gas instead of coal and naptha. CH4 has highest ratio of Hydrogen to Carbon and emits only 1 mole of CO2 on complete combustion and no particulates emission from natural gas combustion. problem is demand is high due to room-heating in winter,vehicles, cooking fuel, making synthesis gas which is used in metallurgy, ammonia and products in C1 chemistry chain. Natural gas can be generated from biomass, landfill sites, will need CO2 separation.

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we are in stage 2 of electric car development the first stage america led the world one time 140 manufacturers ...the best was the detroit electric company could average 38mph ..and go 100 miles between charges ...that was in 1912!!..before that the first porsche was electric ..before that an electric car held the world speed record 20 years time todays technology will be seen as old hat ...if we want gas cars we already have them ..LPG ..they fill up all bootspace and are more hazardous ..


As expected, logic is NOT a gift that has been granted to progressives.


You do know LNG comes from the same place as oil right? It is pumped out before the oil.


Considering they are both petroleum products to what purpose

John M

A one horsepower electric motor is much more powerful than an equivalent gas motor, and electric cars need not use fossil fuel at all. You don't need to invent facts, there are plenty of real facts to make your point.


Cars should move to hydrogen power.


did you know that they can explode, checkout youtube


Natural gas is NOT efficient and prone to leaks into the atmosphere. It also is drier than gas or diesel. So you have to add oil to the mixture or you will burnup the pistons and cylinder wall. Electric cars are more efficient and takes only pennies to the dollar to recharge. And FYI many charging stations use alternate energy sources that do not require fossil fuels. And depending where you live much of the electricity generated is hydraulic, alternate, or nuclear. So your point is moot.