I’m in a career-desire crisis.?

I have many interests as far as job goals, such as: environmental and water conservation, pollutant control, Aqua-life, wildlife, etc. My issue is I will be road living soon and would like something I can use from place to place. Not something that requires a 40+ hour work week in a specific location. Any advice?


How about picking up stuff to recycle, not that profitable but is good for the environment.


Not a very easy industry to use the 'gig economy' in, unless you want to start a blog or something. Especially not entry level. Maybe if you were a famous expert with 40 years experience you could engineer that kind of lifestyle. Most beginning jobs are 9 to 5 and you definitely need a Bachelor degree or for many positions a Masters. You sound a bit 'in the clouds' and out of touch with reality IMO.