Should I quit my new job after a month?

A month ago I was hired at a hotel resort in retail store as a cashier. Of course I was nervous in the beginning but eventually got the hang of it. I was always told that I was doing a good job. But just last week my manager sent me a new schedule for a completely different job store location. And new schedule just everything changed . My job is to clean and scrub tables this is my third day there and hate it. It just feels like a nightmare. Just to get comfortable somewhere than leave unexpectedly. I have very bad anxiety and it’s hard to adjust to new people and a new location. It’s not what I had in the beginning and it’s just crazy.. i don’t know if they are gonna keep me at this job location or if it’s temporary but should I quit?? They said it’s the holiday time so they needed someone to clean restaurants


Workers who are relatively new at their jobs often are assigned the lowest level tasks but if you are patient enough to stick with it long enough that you are not one of the newest employees, you'll find that you get better assignments and somebody else gets the low-level jobs. You seem too impatient in wanting to quit so soon, before you get a chance for better positions. The task that you have been assigned now is NOT forever.


I think you should stick it out for at least six months no matter how crappy the job. That's the sort of minimum time people look at your resume for ...


I don't know


if you have better job then you can resign


Your self created anxiety and issues with adjusting is a personal issue that does NOT belong at work. An employer can reassign its employees at the drop of a hat, if you can't deal, then stop wasting their time! And please stop your pathetic annoying whining!


I'd say stick around, and see if things get better. If they dont, and your job is making you completely miserable, than quit. Make sure you have another job lined up beforehand though. Good luck


yes you should quit Social Security taxes are too high


if it let is you very unhappy , please leave it . look for a comfortable place .


Tell them you are unhappy and ask to go back to the other department. If they say no you can either leave or accept the new gig. You really don't owe them any notice to leave if they hired you for one job and then switched you to something completely different.


No, The more things you know ,the more you get paid


Just do the cleaning job. Drop all of your anxiety. Get it out of your persona. You are a worker and sometimes it is harder than others. Straighten up and walk tall. Do the job and appear as if you really care about what you are doing. You are CLEANING and that is honorable work. Do it and carry on.




they found out u were a troll and got rid of u