What do you think we can do to conserve our water? How do you feel about the pros and cons of desalination plants?



It is expensive to do so but there sure is a lot of ocean water available

oikoσ: Water conservation

Water conservation: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Shower less. When you do, shower with a friend. Save the shower-water to water your garden. I have to go into conservation mode if cold temperatures freeze my line or if the power goes out, so I can't pump water. Generally my chickens get rainwater. If the water is frozen, they get the dogs' water when I refill their bucket. Flushing the toilet is a problem. If it's yellow, I let it mellow; if it's brown, I use pondwater. I do maintain a small "stockpile" of potable water for drinking and cooking. You'd be amazed how little you really need. As far as desalinization goes, that's fine if you live on the coast, not so good if you live in the middle of the country Pumping water uphill is not very cost-effective.


Cut down on your intake of animal products It takes up to 2,400 gallons (908 liters) of water to produce one pound of meat, and 2,000 gallons (757 liters) of water to produce one gallon of milk. (That s more than a month of showering) Wondering how? Well, you need to consider the amount of food the animals eat and water they drink. Lets stick with dairy cows as an example. One dairy cow drinks 30 to 50 gallons a day, then you need to add all the food they eat. Dairy cows primarily eat hay, grain and soy (plus supplements), and a cow that is milking eats around 100 pounds of feed per day. Now consider all of the water that is needed to grow those plants just to feed the animals, it s a lot. Dairy cows are then killed around 4 or 5 years when their milk production decreases and sold for beef. No wonder it takes so much water to raise these animals. Here s another thought, think of all the waste those animals leave. They are bred into existence by the thousands and leave more waste than an entire city. Of course we use their waste as fertilizer, but often we store it in giant waste pools outside the factory farms, or spray it into fields. Which leaves run off and pollutes nearby lakes and rivers and negatively affects communities around the farms. Of course you could use reusable water bottles and recycle, but that is minor compared to the impact animal products have on this planet I hope this helped!


No cons to desalination when you need fresh water other than it costs a lot.


Die by not using the #1 thing a human needs! Never use a plastic water bottle if possible! Always use re-useable bottles,like I like jam and jelly jars. And same with plants the reusable containers always stack up and you can put plants in them which you start in doors and put out side once it gets warm and I do that as a hobby and give them to others which others can try and a look towered the future each day you wake up and not bad.


I believe they are vital to America; much more than Fort trump. The mid West has been on a two hundred year above average rainfall. That is coming to an end.